Born and raised in North Carolina, after graduating from UNC – Chapel Hill, I moved to New York City and worked at the Estee Lauder Companies’ world headquarters. As the daughter of two public school teachers, I wasn't sure I to be a teacher, so off to corporate America I went. But while there I realized I was not having the kind of impact on the world I envisioned for myself. So, fifteen years ago I returned to my roots in NC and settled in Guilford County working as a lateral entry middle school social studies teacher, school soccer coach, and community swim coach. I married a local and together we are raising our 2 children in this community and in Guilford County Schools. 


Teacher. Coach. Wife. Mom.

Why I'm Running

Education is my passion and calling. Using my voice to affect change, to stand up for those who are often silenced, and to fight for equality for all is my mission. In my candidacy for District 4 County Commissioner, I take on the challenge of expanding my fight! Since 2012 North Carolina educators have faced a systematic dismantling of public education. Our schools have been underfunded; our tax dollars have been rerouted to unregulated, for-profit charter schools. We are starving public schools and then blaming them for not succeeding. Bus Drivers in our district recently planned a walkout because they are severely underpaid for the important work they do each day. Our buildings are crumbling, literally. Students must endure harsh learning conditions, which impede their progress and academic achievement. Education must be a priority! It is the backbone of a strong community and a thriving economy. Yet, in our community we have not adequately invested in public education. The people of our community should not have to fight so hard for the bare minimum in life. I have realized that I cannot wait any longer for our leaders to invest in public education, our children and our community. Instead, I must lead this fight myself! 


I am excited for the opportunity to be your Guilford County Commissioner and to use my voice to build a community where all are welcomed and included, where every voice is valued, and where we build strong families and community through the building of strong public schools. It is time for change, and I would love your support in building the community we all want, and we all deserve. 



When families are thriving, our community is at its best. Families deserve access to the resources they need to thrive. This means earning a living wage, having access to healthcare and early childhood education, and improved public transportation.



Long-term underfunding of our public schools has left Guilford County students with crumbling schools and difficult learning conditions. I support a bond referendum to address our crumbling school infrastructure.



Our people are the backbone of our community. Building a safe community is essential to building a strong community. I stand against gang and gun violence, and support measures to create a safer community.



I was born and raised in the small North Carolina community of Southern Pines, in Moore County, the daughter of two public school educators. After earning bachelor’s degrees in Journalism & Mass Communications, Graphic Design and American History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I moved to New York City to pursue my dreams of becoming a graphic designer. But after a year of much personal growth and reflection, I realized that not only was I just a barely average graphic designer, but I was not passionate about design and therefore felt unfulfilled. Instead, I realized I was passionate about young people and history, and the natural intersection of those two things is in a classroom. 


Upon my return to North Carolina, I interviewed at high schools and middle schools across the Piedmont, finally accepting a position to teach 8th grade social studies at a middle school in Greensboro. The school I first called home was a highly impacted, historically underperforming school. While working as a lateral entry teacher, I earned my Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Middle Grades Social studies and realized I had found my calling. I loved teaching middle school! I love building relationships with kids and truly having an impact on their lives. As a school soccer coach, I expanded my ability to meaningfully impact the lives of children in my school community. 


P.O. Box 81, Sedalia, NC 27342  Tel: 336-685-1102


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